• Why Donald Trump is President

    A rundown of the underlying cause of how Donald Trump became President.
  • A Mad Mad Mad World

    One year into the Trump Presidency, let's try to predict the future. Because that goes well.
  • Polentz Ramble

    I've volunteered to run a Promethean game for my RPG group.
  • The Three Johns

    I had a trite idea for a film.
  • Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy New Year!  To you and yours: Be well and thanks for stopping by.
  • A New Coffee maker

    Looking for a new coffee pot should be easier than I make it.
  • A Few Notes On the Jack Ryan Film Series

    The Jack Ryan book series is one of my favorites. With the new Amazon television series coming soon, I run down it's difficult history in film.
  • Star Wars: CCG Part 1

    The Star Wars: CCG was just one of the best things ever and I need to tell you why.
  • Parchment Paper

    I have a new boo in the kitchen. I use it almost every day and it's changing the way I cook.
  • Preparing For Swift

    Yosemite and Swift set up has caused me a spot of trouble getting. Here are a solutions of a couple of minor problems.

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