My skin is warm. My muscles … they don’t ache, but they tingle. A low, dull throbbing resonates throughout my entire body. And I have that heat behind my eyes. The kind you get when you know you have a fever coming on.

I’m probably not sick.


It’s become difficult to tell. A lot of the past few months has been so “go-go-go” that it’s become hard to tell the difference between sick and tired. I’m just tired.


I spent all morning in the garden. One of the many things I had been putting off for months was weeding and cleaning up the front garden. It had begun … no, that’s false. It had been looking bad for a while. I there had just been too many other things to do.

Moving into a house is a big deal. I’m still not “Done Done”. But the list is smaller. The items getting put into the backlog are manageable and understood. There’s some success in that.

The mere fact that I’m worried about “Done Done” is nice. It means that the necessary and proper is complete. I know there’s more to do and I’ll do it, but those are things that can be pushed later. At least a little bit.

I need to make a list.

I can spend a bit more time on the things I want. This blog for example.

At the same time, I’ve had to admit that I’ve been doing too much and had to drop some stuff. I canceled Family Meal at game. It was just too much.