Winter is finally over. At long freaking last.

A long weekend found me in San Antonio, there to take The Boy to see Captain Marvel. I wanted one thing, and one thing only, from this movie. For the cat to take the eye. And I got it.

So we’ll call that a success.

Mark planned the whole thing, which was wonderful. We visited the Alamo and it a couple of the tourist traps in the area. If you ever have an opportunity to visit a Mirror Maze I recommend it. They’re pretty trippy. You never know if the person ahead of you is really ahead of you. It did give me the opportunity to reach out and grab Mark he thought I was just a reflection.

The week after, The Boy turned 19. I spend about six hours attempting to paper craft a box to put a check in.

This is how I amuse myself.

But that wasn’t my last project. I then, finally, turned myself towards the kitchen table. With some instruction from my parents I sanded that sucker down and refinished it. I should write a longer post about that with pictures.

Alas, I neglected to take the before shots.

And in case it’s unclear, the purpose of this post is to test out a new build system. So that all for now.