Avengers: Endgame

Official Trailer

Released: Dec 7, 2018

A man needs a name.

Well, we finally have a name. I forget who said it first. I think it was my brother; he thinks it was me. Regardless, neither of us was terribly surprised at the title Avengers: Endgame given Dr. Strange’s line from Infinity War.

We still have <checks watch> four months until the film actully comes out so there will be plenty of time to prognisticate (badly). Let’s concentrate on what we do know.

First, YouTube embed’s are terrible and I wish Google wasn’t so controlling. Their “Don’t Be Evil” corporate motto is bullshit.

Second, we’ve got Tony in space on Star Lord’s ship, now called the Benetar I hear, dropping a message to Pepper. It’s a saccharin sweet moment designed to tug at the heart strings. The Ironman suits have become something of a joke in my house Because Of Reasons and my brother pointed out that it’s weird that the nano tech is still holding together like it’s a physical mask… but I digress.

Thanos seems to have a happy life. He’s got his little Thanos Armor Scarecrow that I look forward to seeing popping up at Cons.

As the voice over starts, I get a sense that Black Widow and Steve are going to be carrying this movie. Of the Avengers up to this point, these are the two characters that have lost the most in their lives. They’re the ones use to suffering at home.

Hawkeye as “Ronin” (my nephew assures me) looks awesome. There’s a strong sense that time has between Infinity War and Endgame, maybe as much as five years. If that’s the case I desperately want to know what happened to Clint in this time, because he does not look like a well man.

And then there’s Scott. Everyone’s shocked to see Scott is back. I think that’s big.